Uses of Rotary Screw Compressors

Why we should be your first choice in repairing your rotary screw compressor?

Disco has been servicing rotary screw compressors for forty plus years. We have highly trained technicians operating throughout five different locations in three states. Because our specialty is rotary screw compressors, we are able to be comprehensive and specific to the needs of each customer requiring our business. One of the reasons we have been successful is because we were an industrial machine shop first, allowing us to salvage some compressors that had heavy damage. Since each rotary screw compressor operates using different substances, we take great pride in knowing that we are capable of completing the appropriate repair in our own facility depending on the need.

Although the majority of our experience with rotary screw compressors that use natural gas is greater, we are still committed to quality repairs for compressors that use ammonia and air. It isn’t necessary for us to use any specialized tools to repair equipment and we have a full inventory of parts that are compatible with the majority of the most popular manufacturers. Once we receive a compressor in our shop for repair, depending on customer need, we will disassemble the machine and assess the problem and report any damage. This gives us a chance to also evaluate how much repair work is needed. Evaluations include estimates of the amount of time needed to complete repairs, how much it will cost, and what parts will be necessary. Whether a compressor needs, head repair, rotors, or seals, the part is sent off to the appropriate shop department to either be repaired or completely replaced.

What are the different uses of screw compressors and how we can fix them?

We strive to honor all of our customers’ time. We understand the critical nature of having compressors repaired in as little time as possible, but some machines require specialized treatment and consideration like the unloader that the Frick compressors have, the separate oil pumps included in some, and the buna o-rings that ammonia-based screw compressors require as a result of cold temperatures. None of these compressors require any additional tools or time to be completely repaired. However, larger ones do require more time and effort to figure out the cause of damage and to rectify it. More repairs are necessary when one part causes another part to fail; both will need to be replaced and this type of damage can be extensive, impacting more than one part of the machine.

What makes us stand out from our competitors?

Because quality and perfection are the main goals for us here at Disco, we take our repairs a step further than others. We go on to dynamically balance the rotors of each compressor and reassemble it using shop specifications. The compressor undergoes a vacuum and rotor pressure test. The technician creates a report for all work performed on the screw compressor and adds an identifying label on the compressor. Only then is the screw compressor ready to be returned to the customer. This process is meticulously followed, and this is what propels us past our competitors and it’s what has kept us in business since 1968.

We are a family business, so it is important for us to provide continued service that is far above average and support for every customer that chooses us.