How long have we been offering the tungsten coating service?

Disco has been manufacturing machine parts since the 1970s and because of this, we have been able to perfect the art of the tungsten coating process. Not only will you be able to order customized parts that will meet your specific requirements, we will also be able to provide you with services that will enable those parts to be stronger and last longer by applying a tungsten coating. We can offer you competitive services and premium quality processing in any industry that you are in. What distinguishes us from other competitors is that only the best quality materials are used, for example, the JB 5000 system. Through all of the tungsten coatings that have been done by us, not one has failed. You will also find competitive prices through us, even when compared with the other competitors that are located at a greater distance.

What is our process of applying a coat of tungsten carbide?

Simply put, we use a HVOF process. Our tungsten carbide coating process includes pre-machining parts that are ground and honed for finish to .005-.007 min to size for coating. Your parts are then grit blasted with aluminum oxide grit and built up with the tungsten coating and then are grinded to .0005/.001 over finish. We then take those parts and hone them to a finish of -8-12 micro-inch. Pump plungers and compressor rods are the most common parts that we tungsten coat. (We advise that your compressor rods be rehoned is new packing is installed). We charge based on the process that you opt for, for the HVOF process, it is a minimum of $8.00 per inch and the typical arc spray is $5.00 per inch, both of these processes can take a large amount of set-up time.

What are our distinguishing qualities for the tungsten coating service?

You should look to us when you need equipment tungsten coated. There are a variety of factors that distinguish us from the other competitors including customer service, work quality, product quality, and pricing. Whether you are the sole owner of a small business or the owner of a large, multi-million company and are looking for a local company to service your equipment with a tungsten carbide treatment, we are the perfect match because you will find no other similar company that is able to do what we are capable of and able to offer you. Our usual turnaround time for applying tungsten carbide coating to your parts that you will be looking at usually averages one day for a one part service and is usually the same time estimate for an arc spray job or shaft work.