What is Water-Jet Cutting?

Water-Jet Cutting is one of the fastest growing cutting processes in the world. It is a unique process for cutting cleanly through almost any material up to 8 inches thick. Because the process of using a water-jet to cut through material is a cold process, meaning that the part that is being cut does not heat up, it is becoming a preferred method over torch or plasma cutting.

Our water-jet machine uses extremely high water pressures to quickly and cleanly cut through a variety of materials. The pressurized water is mixed with an abrasive to cut through the material for your specific project.

Why you should choose Disco Inc for your Water-Jet Cutting needs.

We are one of the few companies in the Texas Panhandle that are capable of solving your industrial problems with a water-jet machine. Our water-jet machine does not require extensive tooling prior to starting your project, meaning that we can start on your project immediately.

Our team is trained with the water-jet machine and able to complete your project quickly and efficiently, while maintaining a high degree of quality work. In addition to a highly specialized team, our water-jet machine is able to hold tolerance levels of + / – .003”.

Contact us at Disco Inc today if you have a project that would be best suited to be completed with our water-jet machine.