Compressor Cylinder Repair and Components

Disco has been reconditioning natural gas compressor cylinders since its inception. And not just cylinders, but all of their components as well (pistons, rods, valves, packing cases, crossheads, connecting rods, frames, etc). We have two processes for reconditioning compressor cylinders: metalizing (commonly referred to as “spraying”) or relining.

Through either one of these processes, we are extremely qualified to work on your compressor cylinders. We have perfected the art of metalizing to repair or recondition the compressor cylinder bore. We also have a standing inventory of parts from an assortment of manufacturers to reduce the downtime.

Natural Gas Compressor Cylinder

Rotary Screw compressor

Disco has been rebuilding screw compressors since 1991, when they were first introduced to the gas fields in our area. We can take your rotary screw compressor and tear it down, clean it out, and do an inspection of all of the components to come to a conclusion about what is caused the failure. After that, a detailed report, with pictures, will be sent so that you can make an informed decision.

If the screw compressor is beyond economic repair, we have relationships with almost all manufactures to find a replacement. We also stock a number of parts from a variety of manufacturers to help decrease the turnaround time for your equipment to be serviced.

Rotary Screw Compressor

Replacement Parts for Gemini Compressors

Disco is currently manufacturing replacement parts for the H series of Gemini compressors. With the most common configuration being 3” x 5” and 7”- 8”, however we offer sizes from 3” and the way up to 8”. With 3 different 5” configurations the 5” Standard grove. The 5” deep grove and the two-peace aluminum end cap with the steel deep grove ring carrier.

Gemini Compressors

How Can We Help You In Repairing Your Pumps?

You will find a staff that is highly qualified and experienced to take in your pumps for repair. We are able to take any brand of pump, whether you bought it yesterday or many years ago, and repair it or replace any part within it to standard specifications or to your own unique demands.

You will not find any other company who has the resources for parts or personnel to match what you will find with us. We have specific experience in upgrading and modifying older pumps for more current applications.

Pump Repair

How Are We Qualified To Take Your Parts And Apply A Tungsten Coating?

We have been in this industry for a very long time, and we started tungsten coating in the 1970s. This has allowed us to have the distinguished quality when it comes to using tungsten to coat the parts of the compressor cylinders.

We have not had any of our tungsten coatings fail, and this has proven the excellent quality of work that we do. Depending on what part you are needing to be reconditioned, you can choose to have a metal spray coat or a tungsten carbide coat to extend the life of your parts.

Tungsten Coating

We Work Closely With Cylinder Manufacturers To Keep A Steady Stock of Parts For Your Repairs.

There are a variety of manufacturers that we use to stock parts for the compressor cylinders that we repair. We have a standing inventory of the manufacturers parts so that the turnaround time for the equipment to be repaired or reconditioned is decreased as much as possible.

We work closely with the cylinder manufacturers to ensure that you receive the appropriate components to repair or recondition your cylinders. The close relationship between us and the manufacturers allows you to have not only the newest parts, but the parts that have worked the best for the equipment that you need serviced.

Cylinder Manufacturers

Mechanical and Hydraulic Repairs

Our mechanical and hydraulic repair team is not just another option. We are your best option for high quality work, quick turnaround service times, and above and beyond customer service. We understand the costs of downtime and will do everything in our power to repair your product with the highest quality and get it back to you in a timely manner.

Mechanical and Hydraulic Repairs

Fabrication Services

Our fabrication division is able to customize projects that will meet all of your needs and demands. We have the ability to consult with and help you make decisions that would be the most effective design for your individual situation. We work with your cost in mind throughout the process, from the consultation to the maintenance of your equipment.

Fabrication Services

Water-Jet Cutting

Our water-jet cutting machine is able to cut through virtually any material for your project. We are one of the few companies located in the Texas Panhandle that have continuous access to a water-jet machine and are able to solve your industrial problems through using the water-jet machine. Our machine is able to hold tolerance levels of + / – .003″, making the process of cutting the material very clean and precise

Water-Jet Cutting