How did Disco get their start?

The founder of the company, Aubrey Green, came up with the name of Disco by sitting around doodling one Sunday afternoon and watching a television show called the Cisco Kid. Through the process of trying to come up with something that went with Cisco and not being able to come up with anything, he finally came up with the name of Disco, standing for Diversified Industrial Service Company.

Our company was started in November of 1968 and is still a family-owned, family-run company. We have very good relationships with our customers because of this business aspect. There is also less red tape that our managers have to worry about because the company is not a corporation, everything goes back into the company and for the growth of the company.

We first opened in Borger, Texas and then branched off into Liberal, Kansas in the mid-1970s. We then moved into the Amarillo, Texas area as well as building sales offices in Elk City, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

What can Disco do for you?

Our company primarily focuses on petrochemical plants, natural gas transmission companies, and natural gas gathering companies. We are able to cover all aspects of the natural gas compression industry along with all sorts of various industries by providing general machine services.

One thing that sets us apart is our machine capacity. We have some of the largest machine capabilities in the area. One of our large machines is the horizontal boring mill, which has a 25,000 lb table load capacity and can handle parts up to 96 inches in diameter. Our machines attract other industries toward us because they have large parts that need to be machined.

For the natural gas industry, we can perform any repairs from the frame out to the variable volume pocket and everything in between. We have the capabilities of manufacturing most parts in house. Have an HVOF system that applies tungsten carbide, which extends the life of the part. We have had almost a 0% failure rate with parts that have been coated in tungsten carbide.

Rotary screws became popular because of their application and operating conditions changed. We began working on rotary screw compressors in the early 1990s. Our niche in the CNC department is in building complicated, short-run parts. We are able to build an order of 5 parts, but we will also take an order of 5,000 parts.

The Future of Disco.

About 10 years ago, we consolidated our compressor valve shops. We maintain an inventory and also archive parts. We archive the information by asking which location, and more specifically, which cylinder it came out of. This way, the next time that a compressor valve comes in, the parts are in stock and we know what they need. The typical turn-around time for compressor valves in our shop is a matter of days.

We would love to grow, but that is not what we are all about because people are everything in our industry. A company in the service business is nothing without their employees. We have people that have been with us well over 30 years.

Disco stands more about what is right for the company, what is right for the employees and what is right for the customers and have done this successfully for 43 years.