Why you should choose Disco Inc for repairs on Speed Reducers, Gearboxes, and Gear Drives

Disco can repair a wide array of different gearboxes and speed reducers. We have experience rebuilding single worm, helical worm, right angle, concentric, right angle, planetary and other types of reducers and gearboxes. Our onsite machine shop has the capability of modifying, manufacturing and repairing many internal components thus reducing the lead time on spare parts required to get a unit up and running in the quickest manner possible. Our large inventory of bearings and seals combined with our machining capabilities make us a preferred choice for many large manufacturing plants.

Brands and Types of Reducers, Gearboxes and Gear Drives:

  • Dodge – Torque Arm, Screw Conveyor Drive, Tigear, Maxum, Concentric, Right Angle, Worm
  • Falk, Rexnord and Linkbelt – Torque Arm, Helical, Planetary, Parallel, Concentric, Shaft Mounted
  • Radicon & David Brown – Right Angle, Worm Gear, Shaft Mounted, Helical
  • Cone Drive – Worm Gear, Vertical Mixer, Right Angle, Shaft Mounted,
  • Foote Jones – Concentric, Vertical Entry Mixer, Right Angle, Shaft Mounted,
  • Hub City – Worm Gear, Helical, Spiral, Double Output, Shaft Mounted, Right Angle
  • SEW Eurodrive – Gearmotor, Helical, Parallel Shaft, Right Angle
  • Delroyd – Worm Gear, Right Angle
  • Sumitomo – Cyclo, Right Angle, Inline
  • Peerless Winsmith – Worm, Right Angle Worm, Helical Worm