Metalizing Compressor Cylinders

Why you should choose the metalizing process for your compressor cylinders?

There are two different ways that you are able to repair your natural gas compressor cylinders, through a metalizing process or through a relining process. We recommend metalizing them, where a coating is applied to the running bore of your natural gas compressor cylinders. We have over 30 years’ experience in metalizing and reconditioning compressor cylinders. Our employees have years of experience in providing this service for repairing your natural gas compressor cylinders and are able to make sure that your compressor cylinders are repaired correctly the first time in the shop. The increased durability, increased lifespan, and lower cost versus relining, are some of the main reasons to metalize a compressor cylinder to recondition the bore versus relining it.

What is the metalizing process for compressor cylinders?

The equipment that we use for the metalizing process allows for a very precise and desired coating thickness in the running bore. We use an electric arc system that atomizes the materials to melt the spray and we use compressed air to deposits it into the substrate. You can choose from a number of different spray materials such as stainless, babbitt, brass, carbon steel, aluminum, etc., that is dependent upon the application or service field that the compressor is in. Typically, for your compressor cylinders, you would choose stainless material.

The metalizing process involves depositing a mechanical bond of a certain percentage of nickel and aluminite with a particular thickness of the coating which is applied over the bond. The compressor cylinder is then sprayed undersize enough to allow for the placement of the finishing material and still leave enough finish material for the honing process. The compressor cylinder would then be honed to the particular finishing size and the proper RMS finish. We typically finish the honing process with CFT powder in order to embed the coated surface of the compressor cylinder with Teflon in order to avoid premature wearing on the initial set of piston rings installed.

What benefits will you see from metalizing compressor cylinders?

We metalize and recondition cylinders at our company headquarters in Borger, Texas, but offer a pickup and delivery service if you do not live in the immediate area. By metalizing your compressor cylinders, you will see prolonged use of your components, increased durability when the compressor is running, and lowered maintenance. If you are needing your compressor cylinders repaired, Disco has the experience and knowledge to take on any project.