Why you should choose Disco Inc for any of your hydraulic cylinder repairs

Disco can repair the many different styles of cylinders offered today. Whether it be a tie rod cylinder, round body welded cylinder or multi-stage cylinder; Disco is your best option for hydraulic cylinder repairs. Our onsite machine shop has the capability of modifying, manufacturing and repairing many internal components thus reducing the lead time on spare parts required to get a unit up and running in the quickest manner possible. Our large inventory of poly paks, o-rings, piston rings and other soft parts combined with our machining capabilities make us a preferred choice for your hydraulic cylinder repair needs. Disco is also an authorized distributor for Lehigh Fluid Power which allows us to provide new replacement cylinders for our customers.

Our skilled and qualified team of technicians are proud to give our customers the quality that they deserve. Cylinder repair is a process that consists of disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and evaluation of all components.

We will check for rod straightness and either polish the rod or manufacture a new rod if necessary. The tube will be lightly honed to ensure a proper sealing surface or we will manufacture a new tube if necessary. We use high quality seals during the assembly process. The gland and piston are cleaned and machined to proper tolerances.

We will test all of the cylinders with the capability of testing up to 3000psi to ensure that the unit functions properly in the field upon installation. All tests are video recorded for quality assurance and kept on file. All cylinders are painted and prepared for safe shipment and/or delivery.

Contact Disco today and find out why we are the best option for your cylinder repair needs